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SILS framework construction

Service overview


The SIL framework construction service provides proposals and construction of frameworks in line with client research and development. VERTechs creates virtual environment in fbx, gltf, obj format for SIL development.


According to TUV SUD's estimation as an industry trend, the evaluation of advanced ADAS systems on the market is based on 100 scenarios for actual driving (Proving ground) at the test site, 1,000 scenarios for HiLBase, and SIL (Simulation). We conclude that the Base test really requires 100,000,000 scenarios and the scope that the SIL test should be 100,000,000 or more virtual tests.


[Formulation of main specifications for building a SIL framework recommended by industry groups]
■ Distributed cooperative simulation ■ Exchangeable common standard ■ Flow that can be migrated from Non-RT to RT

Industry groups are building a framework with SIL to utilize the vast test scope requirements.


Development and Testing

Autonomous self driving electric car cha
Software development V-Model: Phases and

Proving ground tests

The detail of the traffic cones on the c

Field tests

Cockpit of autonomous car and AI(Artific

1 billion scenarios

10 thousand scenarios

1 thousand scenarios

An example of the SIL framework

SIL example 1ENG.jpg

This is an example of a verification framework that assumes 100 million scenarios.

An example of how to proceed with building a framework

Below is an example of how to build the framework when the client is supposedly using CarSim and MATLAB Simulink.


By proceeding in the following phases, it is possible to propose a SIL framework based on 100 million scenarios.


Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 3

Phase 4

◆Creation of virtual environment

◆ Cloud

◆ Multi-PC simulation setup

◆ Connection with other simulators

◆ Scale / Implementation

CarSim, which is the current development environment, is used as a behavior simulation, and the game engine is used for visualization, it is the first step to connect multiple simulators.

Migrate locally functioning SiL to the cloud. Rebuild into a synchronous environment centered on the master, and increase the scale by parallel processing.

The standardized implementation makes it easier to connect with simulators from each tool vendor. Build an environment according to the standard verification.

Ex AWS Model.CONNECT CarSim / SimLink / Unreal Engine

Sensor model ECU ・ AD Function


CarSim, which is the current development environment, is used as a behavior simulation, and the visualization part is changed to a game engine, which is the first step to connect multiple simulators.

SIL framework phase1 ENG.jpg


In order to carry out more than 100 million test scenarios, parallel execution is performed by simulation using a large-scale computer center or cloud. Also, considering its extensibility, we think that it will utilize the cloud.

SIL framework phase2 ENG.jpg


The standardized implementation makes it easier to connect with simulators from each tool vendor.

SIL framework phase3 ENG.jpg


Finally, the environment will be constructed according to the verification, and the framework construction assuming 100 million scenarios will be completed.

SIL example 1ENG.jpg

Production timeline - Varies depending on the content of the project scope.

Timeline example -

  1. Week 1: Meeting with the client: Hearing (scope, schedule, budget, etc.)

  2. Planning with Vertechs resources.

  3. Week 2: Meeting with the client: Project proposal.

  4. Quotation submission Approximately one month until the quotation is submitted ・ It will vary depending on the content of your request.・ We can also propose to deliver the requested contents in phases according to your request.

  5. Week 3: Purchase Order and contract signing.

  6. Project Specification document creation.

  7. 2months to 12 months: Start work ・ Build a framework that meets industry standards. -Build an optimal framework by connecting various simulators according to the verification client wants to perform.・ Building a virtual environment.

  8. Project progress report.

  9. Inspection / correction

  10. Project Delivery.

  11. After-sales follow-up.

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