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Automotive technology concept. ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems). ADAS (Advanced Driver



It is a package of Camera, LiDAR, Radar, IMU sensors modeled with Unreal engine 4 that can be used in simulations such as SIL.


A crucial element of ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) and autonomous driving (AD) is a reliable and robust environmental perception by means of sensors.


An autonomous vehicle acquires knowledge of its surrounding in two stages. The first stage consists of scanning the road ahead to detect possible changes in driving conditions (traffic lights and signs, pedestrian crossing, and barriers, among others). The second stage relates to the perception of other vehicles.


This section introduces the most representative sensors that make up the perceptual system.
AV: Radar, LiDAR, camera, IMU.


 AUTOCity Sensor Models Plugin Features


  • Sensor model can communicate to the outside as a ROS message

  •  Detailed functions can be set with parameters for all sensor models.

  • Sensors can be added to the player vehicle by defining the sensor in the settings.



SIL example 1ENG.jpg

By utilizing the Sensor Model Package in the SIL framework, it is possible to perform multiple sensor simulations in the same environment.

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