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AUTO City Deep Learning Dataset Plugin Overview


This is a plugin developed by Vertechs based on Unreal Engine 4 that is useful in efficiently improving object detection and recognition of autonomous driving AI.

AUTO City Deep Learning Dataset Plugin Features


Parameters, output format, etc. can be set according to the intended use and verification environment.


Simultaneous output of camera sensor, segmentation, and depth image is possible from the same environment.


Playback recording simplifies scenario creation operations.

13 (1).png


playback recording.jpg

Playback Recording

It is possible to create a scenario while operating the vehicle you want to move on UE4. Compared to conventional scenario creation, scenarios can be generated without requiring complicated operations.

autocity pbr.jpg

Simultaneous generation of camera, segmentation, and Depth images

It is possible to output the camera, segmentation, depth image, and each image at the same time from one environment. It is possible to completely match the reproducibility between each image.



The segmentation image identified by AI at the pixel level can be easily output with a few actions without complicated processing.


Depth image

Depth images that express images in depth can be output on an 8-bit basis without any special processing.


Autocity Plugin framework ENG.jpg

Generate segmentation, depth with playback recording feature, and output the camera images from Autocity. These segmentation colors are not based on KITTI, these can be modified as per your requirements of testing. The above graph shows the connection between camera image output and the evaluation target.

*The product name has changed from AUTOCity Plugin to Deep learning dataset plugin.

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