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NCAP Asset Overview


It is a database that can be used to perform automobile safety tests conducted in The European New Car Assessment Programme in a virtual environment based on Unreal Engine 4.

NCAP Asset Features


-It is possible to reproduce the scenario actually used in the NCAP driving test.

-Target model and test course that is precisely reproduced in actual size.

-Weather conditions and time conditions can be set and can be verified in a controlled environment.



Environmental dataset

  • DRI hatchback type Soft Car 360

  • bike

  • MESSRING Euro NCAP Vehicle Target

  • AB Dynamics Soft Pedestrian Target

  • ⇒ Adults (stationary target, walking target)

  • ⇒ Children (stationary target, walking target)

  • ⇒ Adult bicycle (stationary target)

  • test course

  • Weather conditions

Reproducible scenario

  • CPFA

  • CPNA

  • CPNC

  • CPLA

  • CBNA


  • CBFA

  • CBLA

  • CPTA

  • CCRs

  • CCRm

  • CCRb

Euro NCAP Asset  usage

Ncap tool framework ENG.jpg

The Euro NCAP Asset and the separately sold Sensor Model Package can be incorporated into the SIL framework to perform virtual NCAP simulation.

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