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Download sample data

On this page, you can download sample data for AUTOCity 3DCGdatabase.
The data that can be handed over is as follows.

Sample data Contents:

・ AUTOCity 1.6kms layer1 road data

・ OpenDRIVE data

・ Format: .xodr, .fbx

・Data guide 


FBX data


OpenDRIVE data

Note: The intellectual property rights of all downloaded data are owned by Vertechs Inc.
It is limited to use for viewing, evaluation, and testing purposes. Commercial use (product development, use at exhibitions, etc.) is strictly prohibited.

To receive sample data by email, enter the information below.
How did you hear about us?
Please tell us which software will you use for testing the opendrive and fbx data?

Thanks for submitting!

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