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SIL framework phase2 copy_edited.jpg

The SIL framework construction service provides proposals and construction of frameworks in line with client research and development.

Made to order for OPEN DRIVE


We will create and provide OpenDRIVE data where you need it. You can create OpenDRIVE in virtual space as well as in the real world.

Measuring of environment objects for creating digital twin

cropped view of professional male photog

Measurement to create a virtual space as close to the real world as possible

Building a virtual environment


We will create a virtual space that meets all your needs, such as "a real place" and "a space with ideal conditions".

Creating AI training dataset

Autocity plugin output.jpg

We will create and provide data sets for AI training.

Creating virtual sensor package

Autonomous self driving electric car cha

We will create sensors in virtual space such as cameras, LiDAR, millimeter waves, and IMUs with specifications according to your needs.

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