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Scan and measure location

Measurement to create a virtual space as close to the real world as possible

Service overview

The shape, movement, texture, and environmental conditions are measured, converted into data, and the acquired measurement information is correctly imported into the virtual environment.

Basically, it is a measurement for building a virtual environment, but please contact us for a measurement-only service.


Create a copy of the real world as a virtual environment by creating it with exactly the same dimensions as the reality based on the measurement data. Main equipment used: 3D scanner, photogrammetry equipment Virtual space

Hand with instrument of measure.jpg


We use motion capture technology to reproduce human-like movements in a virtual environment for pedestrians.

Main equipment used: Motion capture equipment

Handsome Smiling Actor Wearing Motion Ca


We can accurately measure the unique color and pattern of the object, reflectance and fine irregularities and use it for reproduction in virtual space. Textures created under correct measurement respond accurately to changes in conditions such as light in virtual space.
Main equipment used: Camera, color chart

Professional photographer hold colorchec

Environmental condition

We accurately measure the brightness, color, and angle of ambient light (sunlight, lighting equipment, etc.).
This allows us to create the same environmental conditions as in the real world.
Equipment used: Camera

cropped view of professional male photog


In a virtual environment that requires measurement, a virtual sensor makes all measurement objects recognized. Measurement is required because the accuracy of recognition of virtual sensors in a virtual environment is improved by making the shape, movement, texture, and environmental conditions close to reality.

Available delivery format example

Please contact us for various point cloud data, various image data, etc.

Production timeline example

Week 1: Hearing planning (We will ask you about the purpose, schedule, budget, etc., and plan according to it. It takes 1-2 weeks to submit the quotation * It will vary depending on the content of your request.

Week2: Quotation submission / ordering / work preparation (arrangement of measurement objects / arrangement of measuring instruments / arrangement of studio)

Week 3/ 12 months: Delivery or construction of virtual environment (link for virtual environment construction.

Create a virtual sensor according to the sensor specifications

After-sales follow-up

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