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A 3DCG database originally developed by Vertechs Inc. based on Unreal Engine 4 to virtually verify ADAS, autonomous driving AI, and vehicle behavior.

​Crossroadは、AUTOCity 3DCG Databaseの1つで、ご要望の多いシチュエーションを想定した制作された仮想の交差点環境セットです。

Assets Packは、3DCG Databaseの1つで、標識や車、人、カラーコーンなどの交通関連アセット集です。C1やCrossroad、貴社のCG環境に追加配置することで

Logo_AUTOCity_2021_Euro NCAP Asset.png

Database that allows you to perform car safety tests based on Euro NCAP scenarios in an Unreal engine 4-based virtual environment.

A plug-in package developed by Vertechs based on Unreal Engine 4 that is useful in the process of efficiently improving object detection and recognition of autonomous driving AI.

Logo_AUTOCity_2021_Sensor Models.png

This is a package of cameras, LiDAR, RADAR, IMU, and sensor models that can be used in simulations such as SIL.

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