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Virtual sensors

We can create customized virtual sensors such as cameras, LiDAR, Radar, and IMUs with specifications according to customer requirements.

Service overview


Vertechs provides virtual sensors as a product, and it is also available with customized parameters according to customer requirements. 


Sensors are the eyes of AI, and it is necessary to repeatedly test them in every situation and environment in order to bring them out to the world. However, doing these in the field can be time-consuming and costly. To solve the time and cost issues, it is necessary to build the sensor as a virtual model and verify it in the virtual environment.


Image-2020-10-21 21_46_00.png

Available delivery format example

Unreal Engine 4 plugin

Workflow for creating a virtual sensor

Hearing planning

Submit a quote

Receive Purchase order

Create a virtual sensor according to customer requirements


 Work on customer feedback

Project delivery

After-sales follow-up

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